What does civil litigation entail? Civil litigation disputes arise in a variety of contexts and situations.  They often involve disputes over money, finances and financial compensation.  The term litigation refers to disputes which work their way through the court system.  The word litigation itself is derived from the Latin “to bind”.

The lawyers at Slater & Spiller LLP have extensive experience in handling civil litigation matters as follows:

  • Collection of accounts
  • Contractual disputes ie. Contracts for supply of services and sale of goods including disputes over performance of the agreement and defining the terms of the agreement in a commercial context.  Disputes involving individuals in a commercial setting, sole proprietorships and corporations
  • Shareholder disputes; litigation over control over a closely knit family company and the oppression remedy
  • Situations involving breach of contract, misrepresentation, wrongful conduct or fraudulent conduct
  • Lawsuits to protect an individuals reputation or the company’s reputation ie. Libel and slander
  • Litigation related to construction projects including the construction lien act, non-completion of projects, deficiencies and performance bonds
  • Real Estate litigation including:
    • Actions for specific performance of a real estate deal, damages for breech of contract and rescission of the agreement of purchase & sale
  • Employment disputes including wrongful dismissal suits and wrongful conduct in the course of employment as well as violation of human rights under the legislation
  • Disputes between neighbours including:
    • Boundaries
    • Fences
    • Tree damage
    • Nuisance to property claims​

Douglas J. Spiller, B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.