A simple, well drafted Will is essential for every person to have and is one of the most economical services offered by the experienced lawyers at Slater & Spiller LLP.  Each person should also have a well crafted Power of Attorney for property and personal care (Living Will)
Arranging with our firm to have this done is a simple process and will give peace of mind in knowing that matters in connection with your estate have been planned and will be taken care of.
Our services include:

  • Drafting & execution of a Will including mirror wills for couples
  • Powers of Attorney for property
  • Powers of Attorney for personal care
  • Estate planning advice including:
  • Education trusts
  • Disability trusts
  • Estate freezes
  • Estate tax planning
  • Meeting with families of the deceased and assisting the executor in the administration of the estate, including:
  • Providing notarial copies of the original will and testament
  • Application for certificate of estate trustee (probating the will)
  • Application for cert of the estate trustee without a will in intestacy   
  • Application to the court for directions with respect to the validity of the will or the application of the provisions of the will, or the identification of the beneficiaries
  • Proof of last will & testament in solemn form
  • Contested wills due to undue influence, coercion, elder abuse and lack of capacity
  • Capacity issues with reference to last will & testament as well as powers of attorney
  • Disputes involving multiple wills and multiple powers of attorney
  • Administration of estates
  • Estate accounting including informal accounting and passing of estate accounts under the rules of civil procedure
  • Inter vivos gifts (gifts and/or distribution of assets in anticipation of death)
  • Removal and renunciation of trustees
  • Application to court for directions

‚ÄčDouglas J. Spiller, B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.